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Taylor Eastburn

Project Manager/Designer

Perfecting Perfectionism Since 2015

Paris or Machu Picchu?
Paris, always Paris! I was fortunate enough to travel to the romantic city about 10 years ago…and while I always love to see new places with natural beauty like Machu Picchu, nothing compares to the timeless architecture and memorable experiences of Paris!

What is the nicest compliment you have ever received?
When someone I am meeting for the first time tells me that I must have really awesome parents. It’s a compliment because I do have a strongly connected and loving family that has influenced me in many ways, including design. It means a lot to me when other people recognize that from a brief encounter.

What is the soundtrack to your life?
From the top…as a baby I started crawling to the Beach Boys, Beatles, and Neil Young records that my dad would play from track to track. Younger years brought a brief interest in country…Dixie Chicks made the cut. Driving my first car, I sang along to some pop/hip hop idols that I am not even going to name. Working on projects in design school I moved into a folk acoustic genre including Mumford & Sons and Band of Horses. Now in my professional chapter I love live acoustic alternative playlists and I find myself crawling back towards the classics I grew up on. Who knows what the tune of my future will be…possibly podcasts.