Sara Kilburn

What’s the tallest heel you’ve ever worn?

Would 8” of solid orthopedic rubber count as a heel? I had a wild streak in college (San Francisco) where I invested most of my hard worked earnings in a crazy shoe store in the Haight Ashbury district. I have a few pair that were showcased on the runway for multiple drag shows, as well as a few pair of those “Spice Girl” Buffalo shoes that were just….special.

What are three things the general population might not know about you?

Well, I was the Head Athletic Trainer for the San Diego Semi-pro Football Team for 9 years. I’m a closet musician, and a product of a large family of amazing musicians (Grandparents, parents, siblings, the whole nine!). And, a third? I love being a Doula. Some people know this, but there’s just no better feeling than helping a Mother and family bring a baby into this world! It has been life changing for me, every single time.

What does relaxing look like to you?

My kids (son (6) and daughter (3)), husband and I try to have “moon-time” in the evenings after dinner, before bath time. It’s just simply, time in the fresh air with the moon. We pick veggies and fruits in the gardens and love to do art work with chalk in the backyard. My family is my pride and joy. So, this is my most joyful, relaxing part of the day.

Is there something specific that drove you to where you are today in your career?

It would have to be the fact that I was raised as the youngest of four daughters by four amazingly smart, loving, charismatic, driven and devoted parents. My folks divorced when I was very young, and the greatest gift happened when they both married their soul mates. Each one of them had such commitment to supporting us in following our dreams and encouraging us to work hard for the “carrot”. They instilled good manners, discipline and also how to play hard when you’ve earned it. Also, my 3 older sisters (I love saying that) were also not only great role models, but what I always strived to be like as I grew up.