Sharp Memorial Nuclear Medicine Room B

  • San Diego, California
  • Sharp HealthCare

Meeting project timelines during a COVID-19 global pandemic, required an OSHPD emergency permit to keep the project on track.

The remodel of Sharp Memorial’s Nuclear Medicine Room B included the replacement of gamma camera equipment, the incorporation of an Injection Room into the Nuclear Medicine Room, an interior finish upgrade, and an upgrade to an all-gender staff toilet to meet code compliance.

Engaged initially for a feasibility study, DAHLIN comprehensively analyzed other requirements beyond the facility needs. Restroom count and design was affected by the project as well as the existing Control Room and cabinetry that failed to work for the current needs of the Radiology Department. This gave an opportunity to plan the layout for the new equipment and the physics for its use, to be re-evaluated so that all features could be well accommodated within the relatively small space of 406 square feet.

Using patient-centered design principles and considering staff functionality, flooring (LVT), color, and lighting, an intuitive room plan balanced the casework and movement around the equipment. Principles of biophilic design for both patient and staff comfort included wood-look finishes, a green accent wall, and a nature image on the ceiling for the patient as well as an organic wall art piece.

Project Specs

Building Area:406 sqft

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