Hospitality Institute of Sanya

  • Sanya, Hainan, China
  • China Communications Construction / Han Star Investment

Leveraging educational opportunities while cultivating a climate of wellness and service, has reciprocating long-term benefits for Hainan’s tourism industry.

Located in the southwest side of Haishuwan International Leisure Resort, the Hospitality Institute of Sanya (HIS) is the first phase of development within the South China Ocean Ecological Community. Adopting the talent development model of the world-renowned hotel management school, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), HIS is Hainan’s first hospitality vocational education and training university. The institute aims to foster and facilitate partnerships abroad to meet the anticipated growth of the country’s hospitality industry. HIS offers four educational programs in Hospitality Management, International Cruise Crew Resource Management, Western Culinary Arts, and Tourism Management (online marketing). Curriculums are designed to match career paths in all aspects of the business within facilities that enhance the hands-on learning experience.

World-class campus facilities are planned within Hainan’s resort climate. The campus’ core buildings include a Visitor Center and Gallery, Administration Complex, Student and Faculty Residential Village, Lecture Halls/Classrooms, Academic Quad/Student Commons, and Sports Field Complex. In addition to these core structures, HIS has an on-site Training Resort Hotel and Banquet Hall that offers hands-on training in hotel management operations and service. Buildings are designed to their respective use and function, while maintaining distinct exterior architectural expression and identity from one another. Collectively, they define a hierarchy of campus common areas for staging outdoor events and gatherings of multiple scales.

Project Specs

Site Area:24.2 hectares
Building Area:195,802 sqm
Density/FAR:0.68 FAR

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