Firmin Court

  • Los Angeles, California
  • Decro Corporation / Innovative Housing Opportunities

One of the first developments to be funded by LA’s Proposition HHH money, Firmin Court offers permanent supportive and low-income housing for the Downtown Los Angeles area.

Combining 45 units of permanent supportive housing and 18 apartments for low-income households within one community, Firmin Court is located west of Downtown Los Angeles within a Tier 2 transportation corridor and within 750 feet of a major bus transit stop.

In a Spanish Colonial vernacular featuring white stucco walls, barrel tile roofs, decorative wrought iron railing, decorative trim at window and door openings, and colorful ceramic tile accents, the building is comprised of six residential floors over a single semi-subterranean level that houses 10 parking stalls and 12 long-term bike racks. Existing grades along the Firmin Street frontage drop roughly 18 feet in a northerly direction.

The second floor (upper ground level), houses the main lobby and lounge, which is directly accessible from the sidewalk, as well as resident supportive service offices, a community space, arts and crafts room, and library. Onsite services include independent living skills, mental and behavior counseling, employment educational assistance, and a learning center open to residents and neighborhood children. The third (podium) level has a community room that directly connects to an outdoor, landscaped and hardscaped courtyard, while a “skydeck” on the seventh floor enjoys views of the downtown skyline.

Project Specs

Site Area:0.4 acre
Building Area:300-920 sqft plans
Number of Units:63 apartments
Density/FAR:160 du/ac


2023 Gold Nugget Merit Award, Best Affordable Housing Community, 60 du/ac or more

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