Emerald Glen Recreation & Aquatic Complex

  • Dublin, California
  • City of Dublin

Designed as a boardwalk-styled swimming facility and entertainment complex, the Emerald Glen Recreation and Aquatic Complex known as "The Wave," completes the 48-acre Emerald Glen Park.

The City of Dublin's civic master plan, which was developed over two decades ago, included plans and funds for an aquatic complex to be constructed at Emerald Glen Park. The City contracted DAHLIN to design an aquatic and recreation complex that would not only fulfill what had been called for in the civic master plan, but also be sufficiently significant to become a regional draw. Over time, as challenges emerged and evolved, the project was at times put on hold, downsized, and ultimately, with the help of more favorable macro-environmental conditions, doubled in size from the original concept.

Anchored by an indoor pool for year-round exercise and recreation, the 11-acre complex features a deep water competition pool, waterpark, water playground, an outdoor amphitheater for performing arts and summer concerts, and a number of other water-themed amenities and entertainment facilities.

In response to the City's challenging request for a transparent, long span natatorium ceiling, DAHLIN identified a creative solution that achieved the desired aesthetic effect: an ETFE (Ethylene Tetra Fluoro Ethylene) roof. ETFE is an innovative material that is only one percent the weight of glass and transmits 95 percent of light. Using ETFE allowed DAHLIN to design a natatorium that is full of light and did not require columns to support the structure. At the time of completion, this was the first ETFE ceiling in Northern California and only the second in the entire state.

Project Specs

Site Area:11 acres
Building Area:28,292 sqft


2018 American Public Works Association Public Works Project Award
2018 The Forest Stewardship Council's (FSC) Leadership Award, Design & Build Project
2018 Gold Nugget Merit Award, Best Recreational Use Facility
2017 California Park & Recreation Society Award of Excellence, Facility Design
2017 California Park & Recreation Society District 3 Award
2017 Aquatics International Best of Aquatics, Theming


LEED-NC Gold Certified

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