Eastrail Flats

  • Woodinville, Washington
  • MainStreet Property Group

Building on the charm and heritage of Woodinville, Eastrail Flats introduces a mountain modern aesthetic to the character of Downtown Woodinville.

Located on a prominent public corner of Downtown Woodinville, Eastrail Flats is a mixed-use development comprised of ground floor commercial and daycare space with residential flats above. The building design introduces an active public plaza at the primary street corner with a z-shaped building plan that creates two courtyards and conceals the size of the building. The unique design achieves a major massing break, revealing the westside community courtyard as it overlooks the public corner plaza.

The mountain modern architectural style applies expansive glass and a modern take on board and batten siding. The double-height entry is capped with a roof deck and a signature pitched roof. At the streetscape, the pedestrian ways along NE 175th Street and 133rd Avenue NE will be protected from weather with extensive wood detailed canopies. These public pathways promote interaction with the active frontage and provide seating opportunities.

Eastrail Flats is neighborhing 63 townhomes and green amenity spaces to the north that is also designed by DAHLIN for MainStreet Property Group. Additionally, the developer is working with the City of Woodinville to design a new grid street (133rd Ave NE) that will run through the block to connect with Woodinville Snohomish Road. With a strong connection to The Schoolhouse Flats project on the opposite side of the street, together, the two projects provide highly compatible commercial and recreational opportunities that create a more complete community.

Project Specs

Site Area:4.2 acres
Building Area:254,536 sqft total | 25,000 sqft commercial | 480-1,428 sqft plans
Number of Units:205 apartments | 1 guest room
Density/FAR:49.3 du/ac


2022 Gold Nugget Merit Award, Best On-the-Boards Multifamily Housing Community

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