Della Rosa

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In 2018, Orange County’s Housing Funding Strategy set a target goal of 2,700 new supportive housing units to be built within six years, in response to the County’s homelessness crisis and a shortage of supportive and affordable housing. Della Rosa is part of the system of care solution to permanently transition people out of homelessness.

Replacing what was once an ailing strip mall, Della Rosa is an affordable housing community providing supportive housing to low-income households with on-site supportive services for formerly homeless individuals in Orange County. The physical constraints of a narrow project site located on one of the most traveled regional corridors, Beach Boulevard, was a unique challenge. Four buildings define a beautifully articulated front façade, with the upper floors of each building set back from the street, delivering an attractive and enhanced streetscape. Despite its proximity against the thoroughfare, the community also provides quiet pockets of common areas and amenities between the buildings to give residents a place of outdoor gathering.

50 apartments are designed across four, two- and three-story buildings. Half of the apartments are studios designated as permanent supportive housing units, while the other half are one- and two-bedroom units set aside for individuals and small families earning 30 percent to 50 percent of Orange County’s area median income (AMI) levels. The modern interiors of these apartments feature durable finishes to meet high energy-efficient standards and to support low utility costs.

Project Specs

Site Area:0.7 acre
Building Area:37,339 sqft total
Number of Units:50 apartments
Density/FAR:75.7 du/ac

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