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To produce a lasting social impact that will improve the standard of living for a large, underserved demographic, the Berryessa transit-oriented development will serve much needed housing and services for citizens of San Jose and Santa Clara County.

The Berryessa / North San Jose Transit Center Affordable TOD Housing Project is envisioned as a 100 percent affordable mixed income residential development. Providing housing for all income levels, the project will include 64 units for the Rapid Rehousing Program (RRH) and 30 units for tenants that qualify for Permanent Supportive Housing.

As Phase 1 within a three-acre mixed-use Transit-Oriented Development, the project will be integrated into the larger Berryessa BART Urban Village Plan. The proposed site design incorporates access from this new development to the Berryessa Transit Station via dedicated bike and pedestrian paths, encouraging residents to use alternative methods of transportation and providing VTA and BART transit passes.

The community will consist of nine levels of residential units over one story of parking and services, with additional use of the adjacent existing parking garage for future residents. It will be all electric and will be designed to LEED Gold standards. The focus of the project is to provide housing that is comfortable, accessible, nurturing, and secure for families and individuals of all income types. The project is progressing through the SB 35 streamlined entitlement process.

Project Specs

Site Area:0.8 acre
Building Area:203,515 sqft total | 413-1,027 sqft plans
Number of Units:193 apartments
Density/FAR:244 du/ac

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