There are three significant elements of brewery design that can make the difference between a design that reflects who you are while supporting your strategy, and a design that misses the mark.

1. Strive for a design that personifies your brand, conveying who you are.

Brand communicates who you are through the experience you create for your customers. The brewery's design sets that tone; therefore, selecting a designer that understands this is essential. The Dust Bowl Brewing Company's new brewery in Turlock, California, started by understanding their identity and their brand. Hard times in the Dust Bowl corridor experienced by previous generations of the co-owner's family bred a thirst for success and an entrepreneurial spirit that inspires their brand. Capturing the essence of that spirit and their story was key to the architectural design character of the brewery.

2. Work with your designer to communicate your vision.

A designer who understands where you're going and why can create a design to help you get there, providing alternatives and recommendations along the way that are mindful of your budget while maximizing your return on investment (ROI). To tell the story of their beer, the Dust Bowl Brewing Company wanted to maximize views from the public taproom into the production areas, allowing their patrons to see and sense all aspects of the beer production process.

3. Brewing is an art requiring specialized tools to create.

It is also essential that the brewery design optimize the mechanics of the craft brewing process, as the operational efficiency of your brewery is a key factor in ROI. Working with an experienced designer who understands the process will help the brewmaster create production spaces that maximize resources and flow while creating a tailored work environment.