Noah Homes Included in the World Alzheimer’s 2020 Report

  • September 25, 2020
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The global voice on dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease International has recently published Volume II of their World Alzheimer Report 2020—Design, Dignity, Dementia: Dementia-related design and the built environment.

The report looks at how the design of buildings and spaces are approached to address the needs and aspirations of those living with dementia and the providers that care for them. Volume II publishes 84 case studies from 27 countries covering daycare centers, residential care centers, public buildings and hospitals.

Noah Homes Memory Care Homes, located in greater San Diego, is featured in this report of dementia-related design and built environments. In partnership with Noah Homes, DAHLIN designed two new residential care facilities for this Affinity Choice Community™, to add to its campus of care. Each home houses ten residents within a supportive environment that provides person-centered programming to help with becoming more independent while fostering the growth of the whole person.

The homes themselves are made up of spaces that are of a domestic scale. Good lines of sight assist individuals living with dementia, see and navigate where they want to go with supporting wayfinding cues as well as memory boxes of personal items to help them identify their individual rooms. Good lines of sight also help providers supervise the safety of residents, while built-in wall supports and handrails designed to look like wall accents, minimize trip hazards. Reducing clutter and providing positive sensory stimulation and calming were all given great attention to the design of spaces.

The two memory care homes are also mirrored and surrounded by an infinity path that allows residents to independently take daily walks without the worry of getting lost. An outdoor patio overlooks the open, oasis-like property grounds while the Great Rooms of both houses share an internal courtyard that take advantage of good year-round climate, natural light and fresh air.

In working with Noah Homes, DAHLIN has had the unique privilege of designing for a family of residents with disabilities, elevating the meaning of home to another level. Getting to know the residents, understanding how they live as a family and working with the amazing people who provide for them every day has been an honor for us in every way.

The World Alzheimer's 2020 Report captures the worldwide efforts, challenges and successes of different experiences, approaches and priorities for dementia-related design, in an effort to share information and spread knowledge. It is hoped that these facilities and programs that advocate for people with developmental disabilities like Noah Homes can leverage continued community support and partnerships, and demonstrate best practice models for meeting the unique care needs of a population with progressive age-related complications.

The link below shares the full research study conducted by the University of Wollongong in Australia.

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