The Picket Fence Concept Home

  • September 19, 2023
  • Housing Innovation Alliance LinkedIn Live
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Demonstrating Livability, Constructability, and Sustainability

DAHLIN Director – Design Ryan White will be speaking to the design innovations in The America At Home Study Concept Home, The Picket Fence. Utilizing modular construction technologies, The Picket Fence is a three-story rental townhome with an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) inspired by wave three of the study. It was designed to advance the livability and attainability of urban infill townhomes and provide renters with the same opportunity to enjoy private outdoor spaces more typical of for-sale homes, metaphorically "a picket fence." It also aims to demonstrate a higher level of livability, constructability, and sustainability than seen in other new construction homes with three big goals in mind: reducing carbon emissions by 70%, generating 90% less waste, and delivering a healthier living environment.

A panel comprised of the America at Home Study team, includes:

- What consumer insights from round three inspired The Picket Fence - Teri Slavik-Tsuyuki with tst ink
- Our origin story – how the team formed, collaborated, and defined goals - Dennis Steigerwalt with Housing Innovation Alliance
- Design innovations – how The Picket Fence plans were optimized to meet livability + constructability needs - Ryan White with DAHLIN
- Sustainability metrics – more specifics on what we're pursuing, why, + how - Dennis + Nicole Granath with Tangible
- Off-site construction impacts – how factory requirements influenced the final plans and how the off-site provider, architect + interiors team collaborated to resolve any issues - Eric Newhouse with Structural Modular Innovations

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