For the past 37 years, Dawn Davidson has been an innovator within the interior design industry. Serving as chairman and CEO of Design Line Interiors (DLI), Dawn founded and grew the company from its ambitious beginnings in 1985 to become one of the nation's premier interior design firms. With DAHLIN's recent acquisition of DLI, Dawn is cementing her legacy as a best-in-class interior design expert and an all-around leader in award-winning design achievements.

Bursting with creativity and entrepreneurial prowess, Dawn launched DLI in the basement of an old brick building at just 25 years old. She sought out to create spaces that would inspire people, daring her team and clients to take bold risks that would ultimately shake up the world of interior design. A collaborator by heart, Dawn partnered with elite talent including developers, builders, architects, landscape designers, advertising agencies and more, which has been vital to DLI's growth since the beginning. Her synergistic nature pushed the envelope and redefined boundaries, allowing her to create trends rather than follow them, and develop an extraordinary portfolio of work that continues to speak for itself.

The leadership of DAHLIN have been honored as long-time industry colleagues to work alongside Dawn and the teams at DLI. In considering the legacy of her firm, it is natural that DAHLIN and DLI combine talents on a platform from which to launch the next chapter of leading-edge interior design. Dawn has entrusted DAHLIN to uphold DLI's reputation, talent, staff, and clients for the future. Moreover, as a strong woman who earned impressive credibility in a male-dominated industry, Dawn has a particular affinity for DAHLIN's female leadership representation, diverse team, and overall dedication to inclusivity.

With the firms' newly combined interior design and procurement services as Design Line Interiors – A DAHLIN Company, DLI's multifamily, mid-rise, high-rise, and commercial clients have been secured into DAHLIN's care, building upon the current design and procurement team in San Diego. Looking ahead, Dawn is eager to assist DAHLIN as a visionary consultant on special projects. She will complete DLI's in-progress model home projects and may take on unique, special projects in the future.