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Jennifer Bien

Welcoming each challenge with open arms and a smile since 2009.

What are some of your nicknames your friends and coworkers have created for you? “White ninja”, because I stealthily fight for the good of humanity… well, my friends and family mostly. “Ji-boong” which means “roof” in Korean. Some of my friends called me this because everyone that comes into my life, I consider “family”. And most recently, “Orange-Boom” … this one, I cannot divulge the details, but I know those of you who know are cracking up right now.

How many cities around the world have you visited so far, which has been your favorite and why? I’ve visited at least 40 plus cities and I would have to say that Singapore has been my favorite thus far. Singapore was just mesmerizing because of the diversity you experience created by the mix of cultures that diverge into this city/state that has become the world’s financial center. Also, the mix of modern and traditional architecture with the lush greenery was a site to see. Oh, and of course, the food was amazing!

What would you have done if you didn’t become an Interior Designer? I still would have been a designer but a Fashion Designer. My first degree is in Fashion, Clothing and Textiles to be exact, and I loved all aspects of design from coming up with brand new ideas to reiterating the classics, etc. I thrived in all of my design classes as well as my marketing and merchandising, business management classes. I feel blessed that I get to design maybe not for bodies but for spaces.

Your favorite cartoon from childhood? Strawberry Shortcake… this is probably why I love desserts so much?

How do you feel about trees? I love them and think we need more of them. My favorite is the Elm Tree.

What is your favorite board game? Monopoly would be my favorite. I love the strategy and also the tokens are fun to collect.