Up, Up and Away Into Our Thirty-Fifth Year!

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Thirty five years ago, a twenty five year-old named Dawn Ann Reynolds started Design Line Interiors in the basement of a brick building. The ’80’s, a decade forever recognized for its creativity, sparked a new era of interior design, and Dawn was there for the inception.

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Thirty five years later, Dawn Davidson and her creative team continue to work with the most acclaimed builders, architects and landscape designers in the industry. Aspiring to create spaces that inspire awe, dare people to take risks, and challenge the boundaries and norms of interior design, Dawn has put together a group of innovators and thought-leaders who now rank among the most sought-after designers in the building industry.

Now here we are, more committed than ever to to redefining the trends and challenging the boundaries and norms of interior design at every turn. Up, Up and Away into our 35th year!

Still crazy after all these years…

Still crazy after all these years…

Susie Saladino