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Dawn Davidson

Chairman & CEO

Frame-walking in Stilettos Since 1985

Have you ever been in a house you thought was haunted?
Yes! We have lived in two houses that had ghosts, and they were a nuisance! Once, I was on my exercise bike and my Walkman kept shutting off. I replaced the batteries twice and it still didn't work, so I bought another and the same thing happened! The ghosts got a kick out of irritating me. On many occasions, the TV would just come on at top decibels. Once, someone took a photo from the yard up to the house windows, and the photo showed three ghost-like shadows in the windows peering down. It was very clear and very shocking! My kids and I could feel them following us around. We learned to live with them, although they continued to mess with our electronics!

If you could be seated next to anyone in the world at a dinner party, who would it be?
My Dad. He died the year after I started Design Line. I was only 25 and I have a zillion questions for him now. He always gave me incredible advice when I was young, and I would love nothing more than to sit down with him as an adult, mom, business owner, and inhabitant of a crazy world and just talk.

What item are you never without? (cell phones do not count)
I am never without Wite-Out! I love it! It is evidenced by the palm of my left hand being covered with it constantly. The only way to get it off is with a rough brush or Brillo pad. On more than one occasion, I've been at an event and someone has asked me if I've been painting! I use it to correct plans and clean up messy paper marks. It has to be the liquid pencil type too.. it cannot be the tape or the bottle.