Carree Anderson, Director of Artistic Design.jpg

Carree Anderson

Director of Artistic Design

Treasure Hunting and Mess-Making Since 1999

When or where do you feel most inspired? 
I am often drawn to a normal thing with something askew or different enough to catch my eye. It can be a flower, pattern, color combination, or a person. Something just a little special. I find inspiration everywhere and anywhere. It’s a feeling of excitement. Something that stimulates me to think; something that ignites a thought process. I love an inner "wow" mixed with a “what if?” and topped off with an “I could.” Then mix in an ounce of humor, and I am ready to go…

What band would you choose if you could go backstage to any concert? 
Not so much a band, but I would love to get a backstage pass behind the scenes with any of the creative front-runners of today. I would love to meet the imagineers, creative teams, and visionaries.

What childhood fantasy has come true for you? 
Finding a career where I can still play with Legos, create things, and use my imagination. And best of all, be surrounded by super creative peers that make me laugh on a daily basis.