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About us

The story of Design Line Interiors began in the basement of a wonderful old brick building in 1985. The ’80’s, a decade forever recognized for its creativity, sparked a new era of interior design, and founder Dawn Ann Reynolds (Davidson) was there from the inception. Some designers abandon history, some borrow from it and some honor it while designing the future. From the beginning, Dawn aspired to create spaces which would inspire awe, dare people to take risks, and challenge the boundaries and norms of interior design. Yearning for a collaborative process where the greatest minds would merge to create magic, Dawn brought together a group of innovators and thought-leaders who have become the elite, among the top design firms of the nation. Design Line Interiors continues to work to partner with developers, builders, architects, landscape designers, advertising agencies and other talented creatives whose influence has been a vital part of our growth from the beginning. Three and a half decades later, Dawn and her team remain committed to redefining the boundaries and staying ahead of the trends. Welcome to the extraordinary world of Design Line Interiors.