"I have never seen a more devoted and hardworking group of people than the team at Design Line Interiors. They work tirelessly with a passion for design that is unmatched. The intensity and thoroughness of their processes and creativity has contributed to our success since 1985. I believe design must be visually powerful, intellectually elegant, and above all timeless. Design Line understands this inherently."

- Bill Davidson, President Davidson Communities

Our Story

We began Design Line Interiors in the basement of a wonderful old brick building in 1985. We had an urgent desire to create beautiful and thoughtful interiors to help people live more fulfilling lives.  We were starry-eyed and bushy-tailed, and we believed passionately that our interiors could transform the way people think about interior design. We felt that form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union of comfort and practicality. We did not ever believe this could be accomplished alone, so we sought to join the teams of the most amazing innovators in design and building. We yearned for a collaborative process where the greatest minds came together to create magic. Our very first project had just that; an incredible team of talent. It went on to have record sales and was rewarded with tremendous accolades. This launched us into the world of design and a love affair that is still burning hot today. Along the way we have been blessed to work with many talented, creative, and inspiring people. Their influence has been a mighty force in our lives over the years. We have developed cherished friendships with clients and competition, and the companies who work so hard to provide for us and the projects we design. We work with amazing builders, architects, landscape designers, ad agencies, and brilliant people who continually strive to create beautiful and considerate spaces. Thirty years later we remain starry-eyed and bushy-tailed, and still believe that beautiful and thoughtful interiors can help people live more fulfilling lives.


Our Culture

We write poetry with color, make dreams come true for real lives; we believe in ourselves, and in our talent and our passion for creative design. We work long hours under demanding and hectic deadlines in a world of fabrics, furniture, space-planning and architectural details. We’ve moved furniture in a driving rain, found the makings of a cocktail table in a chunk of discarded metal, and designed an entire room around a single found chair. We get excited about simple details and sometimes overwhelmed by our own desire to create something new. We laugh, we cry, and we find peace in giving back to our industry and community. We are artists and business people who are experienced with the largest budgets, and have also accomplished miracles on a shoestring. We create not for ego, but for the moment a person walks in and says, "Wow, this feels great, I feel alive and comfortable, and so happy here."

Never will we turn away the possibility of doing our finest work. Central to everything we create is a simple idea: we care deeply about our clients, their vision, and making the lives of those we touch more worth living.

Our People

We have the most amazing and creative people with a wide array of backgrounds. They have worked in marketing, merchandising, architecture, interiors, and even teaching. People who have attended prestigious schools like Cal Poly, Berkeley, Woodbury University, SDSU, Design Institute and The Art Institute.  Some with deep roots in San Diego and others originate from all across the world. Each brings with them their own unique life experiences to make our team whole. Lou likes to draw a line so that it is perfectly straight and does not rest until a space makes sense. Ericka is a passionate leader who never misses a beat when recognizing the positive efforts of her peers. Carree is an incredible trend setter that makes us break down in hysterics during an insane week. Wendy, our Smilemaker, makes all of us feel secure knowing she is watching our back. Katy keeps her cool when the rest of us cannot, and is stellar with the details. These are just a few of the brainy and zany team that make us who we are. 

There are many others who strive to keep our studio current with the finest fabrics, furniture sources, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures and appliances, pay our bills on time, purchase goods, work with superintendents on the site making sure every detail is executed perfectly; all completing our circle of creativity.  

We stand united, watch out for each other, and respect each other’s contributions. Our team considers each other family. We’ve grown up together through the tough times and the good times. We have shared giggles, tears, winning & losing moments-- marriages, babies, divorces, and the loss of people we love. Most of us have been together for a very long time and we are proud of that.  We are told it is very rare to have an environment where working together brings such joy.  We love what we do and we don’t take it for granted for even a single minute.





Dawn Davidson

Title: Chairman & CEO

Founded Design Line Interiors: 1985

1. When or where do you feel most inspired?
When traveling to places that have beautiful architecture. I also love hotel design and the online hunt for the most inspirational and beautiful places to stay.

2. What would you recommend doing first when beginning a new design project?
Research all aspects of the project. Know the floor plans inside and out, understand the market dynamics, competition, and most importantly the clients’ expectations. Browse Pinterest and Houzz for ideas and inspiration. Veranda magazine too - it is the best!

3. What has been your most memorable moment with the company thus far?
There have been so many. I think one that I am most proud of is serving our industry and our city as the Co-Chair with my husband of The Pacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC) in 2013. It was San Diego’s first debut after 54 years in San Francisco. Pure joy!

4. What qualities make for the best client?
My ideal client is loyal first and foremost, collaborative, passionate, communicative, direct, honest, and funny. Some of the greatest ideas come from being goofy, silly, and uninhibited!

5. What are your three must-haves?
Incredible people by my side, purpose, and the love of my family.




Ericka Moody

Title: President

Number of years with DLI: 18

1. What are you known for?
Probably my laugh, my obsession with big earrings, and my never-ending passion for travel and exploration.

2. What’s the coolest perk to your job?
The friends I've made through Design Line will forever be my most cherished perk. I've forged some amazing, lifelong friendships—my coworkers are more like sisters and brothers. We've had a lot of fun, a lot of laughs, but have also gone through struggles together, which has made us really close.

3. If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Grapes, in liquid form, of course.

4. Favorite travel destination?
It's hard to choose just one... Turkey & New Zealand are two favorites. Turkey has incredible history, fantastic food (best veggies on earth!), and amazing natural beauty (the Turquoise Coast). New Zealand was an adventure-- traveling by campervan on narrow, steep roads; snorkeling with hundreds of dolphins; overnight cruising on Milford Sound, surrounded by dozens of mile-high waterfalls; running down the streets of Ephesus... it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

5. Women should always... SMILE
Men should always... underestimate a woman’s smile.



Carree Anderson

Title: Director of Artistic Design

Number of years with DLI: 17

1. Favorite Quote?
Creativity is not the finding of a thing, but the making something out of it after it is found.

2. What makes you who you are?
My Mom never allowed me to have a coloring book. She didn’t believe in being confined to staying in the lines. As a preschooler, my favorite thing was to watch Captain Kangaroo’s craft time-No matter the project, he would tell you to go and gather scotch tape and a shoebox. I probably cleaned out my entire neighborhood of their tape and shoeboxes. Somehow, I figured out a way to make it all into a career.

3. Fun Fact to share?
Crayola crayons come in 120 colors including 23 reds, 20 greens, 19 blues, 16 purples, 14 oranges, 11 browns, 8 yellows, 2 grays, 2 coppers, 2 blacks, 1 white, 1 gold and 1 silver.



Wendy O’Neill

Title: Director of Accounting

Number of years with DLI: 14

1. What is something we’d be surprised to learn about you?
When my daughter was very young, around three years old, we sold our house, moved on a boat, and sailed down to Mexico. We spent a year traveling from port to port, fishing village to fishing village. It was quite an adventure and it taught me some valuable lessons. I now enjoy the simpler things in life, and understand that material objects are not the most important. I also learned that the people who can least afford to be generous are often the ones who give the most. Something else people would be surprised to learn about me is that I would love to live in a tree house!

2. How do you relax after a stressful week of work?
First, I sleep in on Saturday mornings. No getting up at 4:45 am on the weekend! I like to relax by reading, watching a good movie, sitting out in the sun on my balcony, and working on creative projects. The words “reconcile,” “expedite,” “month-end,” or “order ASAP” are not in my vocabulary either…at least for 48 hours!

3. If you could have any superpower, which would it be?
Flying, of course! I always dreamed of soaring above houses and treetops. Seeing the sights and scenery below would be absolutely amazing!



Luis Garcia

Title: Director of Technical Design

Number of years with DLI: 13

1. What is the soundtrack to your life?
The soundtrack to my life would have to be a compilation of three different genres of music! It would start off with nice, jazzy lounge music that is heard throughout the hottest hotel or bar. Then the music would roll into loud instrumental orchestra with a drama feel to it. After all that jazz, finish off with a little country, songs about sitting on the front porch with my wife talking about old times and nostalgic memories.

2. What is the most common design mistake that you come across?
Every now and then, when working with floor plans, I come across windows being placed oddly in a space, or in the middle of the only bed wall, or two windows placed on the same wall with different dimensions making them asymmetrical and causing furniture placement to be awkward. Though this might be pleasing on the exterior, architects need to consider headboards, nightstands flanking the bed, and window alignment. If we consider both the exterior & the interior of homes we can save time while also helping the homeowner have an easier time placing their furniture.

3. If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Lasagna! Just thinking about fresh pasta smothered in meat, cheese, and tomato sauce gets my stomach growling!



Katy Lewis

Title: Visionmaker (Project Manager)

Number of years with DLI: 12

1. Describe your work environment in five words or less:
Inspiring, Creative, Passionate, Joyful, Exciting, Busy. I know that is six, but really I could give one hundred words!

2. Favorite travel destination?
Hawaii. The tropical air that hits you the second you get off the plane has a magical quality. I love to spend time on the beaches, swim, explore the lush jungles, eat macadamia pancakes, listen to Hawaiian music, drink pina coladas…it’s all wonderful!

3. When or where do you feel most inspired?
I feel most at peace when I’m at the beach. I feel refreshed and as though the sky is the limit. My favorite place is Torrey Pines Park. I enjoy hiking the hill, breathing in the smell of the pine trees, then heading out to the sand and walking along the water’s edge.




Title: Project Manager

Number of years with DLI: 10

1. The set design of this television show or movie most excites me:
The latest 2008 BBC version of Sense and Sensibility, I have always been drawn to the older styles. This is set on the coast of Britain…the modest house on the ocean is the family’s home. I love the simplicity of it! I can see myself there, enjoying the solitude and peacefulness of it all. The other side of the story is set in the beautiful grand homes of the wealthy of that time period. Those homes are grand and exquisite. I love the contrast of both, and my personal taste falls somewhere in the middle.

2. What is the coolest perk to your job?
Variety! Every day is something different. Somedays I am dealing with furniture, other days fabrics or tiles. Somedays I am in the office, and other days I am on a jobsite. I also get to design homes in all sorts of different styles. Just when I think I have a favorite style, I get the opportunity to design something else.

3. If I weren’t doing what I am doing today, I would…?
It’s hard to say. I had decided I wanted to be a designer when I was in the 10th grade. We had taken a test that gave you 3 professions you would be good at based on your likes, strengths, weaknesses, etc. I then had to write a report on one of my top 3 professions. Interior design was my number one. That started me thinking about my future and what I wanted to do. I then had to find a designer I could interview, and after talking with her, that was it! I knew that was what I wanted to do, and it is still what I want to do more than 20 years later!!




Title: Director of Creative Design

Number of years with DLI: 12

1. When it comes to interior design, what is your number one rule?
Layer a space with texture. Every surface is a blank canvas and bringing in a variety of materials, textures, and finishes creates a visually intriguing space. Texture doesn’t mean rustic either. Every style has different textures that when layered together bring a balance and cohesive element to any interior.

2. Best advice you ever received?
Persistence beats resistance. My grandpa shared this with me many times in my journey to become an interior designer. This simple advice has resonated in so many areas of life: From working through budget constraints, design details, or challenging floor plans; the advice to just keep going and push forward can create some wonderful results!

3. What is one of the things you have on your bucket list?
Besides traveling the world! I would love to visit Roundtop, Texas for the Marburger Farm Antique Show. I have such an appreciation for mixing the old with the new and I am always on the hunt for that special piece! To be surrounded by so many wonderful vintage goods all at once would be like Christmas morning!